Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

What better spooky October fun can be had than picnicing in a cemetery? And why not throw in a movie to boot? At Hollywood Forever in Los Angeles you can do just that. This weekend they are doing a special Halloween screening of Carrie so grab your trick-or-treat picnic basket and go!

Hollywood Forever was this summer's best and most frequented picnic spot for yours truly. Where else can you view a screening of Barbarella while sipping sweet summer wine and feasting on delicious caprese salad in the open air under the stars?

To maximize your Hollywood Forever movie picnic pleasure, I recommend the following:

Arrive early and secure a good spot - a spot directly between the two speakers and behind or in front of the slight dip in the middle of the lawn. It's best to be set up and eating before the sun sets and well before the movie begins.

Bring a plastic tarp to be placed under your picnic blanket. The ground can get a little cold and damp when the air temperature drops as evening sets in.

Serving platters and trays will help prevent the topples and spills that are likely to occur once the sun goes down.

Keep picnic items in containers with lids that can be easily sealed to make post-picnic clean-up in the dark much easier.

Bring some extra layers - it gets chilly out there in the graveyard!

Follow these simple tips and you too can have one of the years best picnics!