Thursday, May 20, 2010

Where was I?

hey HEY hey! Did we fall off the face of the planet or what? There's simply no excuse. The good news is, it's spring, and picnic season is upon us. Here's some picnicking that went down in the last year that you didn't know about, because we took pictures and then just sat on them like the hoarders we're known to be.

Does it still count as a "picnic" if you're only about twenty feet from the house? Let's let this one slide--those people look so happy, we'd hate to crap all over their day!

Sometimes a picnic can be as simple as a group of friends arranging themselves on a Rainbow Brite blanket and sharing stories around a bottle of ketchup.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa! Are we out of our minds?! That's a sixty foot drop right behind us! Welcome to Edge City, picnickers...

With a stopover in Snooze City.

Hold the phone. A picnic on a roof? At night? In the wintertime? With naught but snacks and whiskey? Don't mind if I do!